v2.0.0-alpha.26 is out

Published by Sasha Koss's avatar Sasha Koss

new v2 alpha is out. It introduces an important DST fix along with many other improvements and additions. See the full changelog below.

Hopefully, it will be the last alpha release as the current goal is to ship a beta version and start preparing for the final release. Stay tuned!


- Fixed DST issue. See #972 and #992 for more details.

- Fixed grammar issue in the HU locale. See #1001 for more details. Kudos to @TwoDCube!

- Fixed typo in defaultFormattingWidth that spread to a bunch of locales and caused I18n code to ignore this parameter. See #989. Kudos to @jsoref


- id locale was updated for v2. Credits go to @Imballinst!

- ro locale was updated for v2. Kudos to @aocneanu and @gandesc!

- Add step option to eachDayOfInterval initially introduced in v1 branch (#487).


- Updated Swedish locale to better reflect how relative weekdays are spoken in Swedish. Thanks to @Neorth!